To Tone or Not to Tone … Using a Toner In Your Skincare Routine — Poshtopia

The skincare mantra is “cleanse, tone, moisturize.” It is drilled into our heads. One question I get a lot is “Do I really need a toner?” That is quickly followed up with “What is the point of a toner?” I am here to (hopefully) answer those questions for you! Toners balance your skin’s pH. Skin […]

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5 Go-To Products to Pamper Your Colds & Allergies! — Poshtopia

It may be the first day of spring, but cold and flu season is still lingering. Making it worse, allergy season is already hitting hard and fast! There is no break! It is a good thing Perfectly Posh has several go-to products that help you find some comfort as you battle to feel a bit better. […]

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Simple On-The-Go Skin Care For Moms (and everyone else too)!

This skin care routine is simple and it’s also great for your skin!



When I gave birth to my first child I tried to maintain the skin care routine I always had. I mostly succeeded, but then I got pregnant with Baby #2. I was tired and slightly overwhelmed so I often would go to bed without washing my face properly. This is a no-no. It did nothing to improve the haggard, over-tired appearance I was sporting.
Afterall, if you do not properly take care of your skin, the aging process will speed up, you will have clogged pores, and your skin will have a dull appearance.
I didn’t feel good about myself at all.

I did not have anyone telling me to take better care of myself. Instead I fell into a pit of self-deprecating comments in an effort to feel better about myself. I mean, if I point out the overly large pores before anyone else does then I win right?…

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The Benefits of Moringa Oil in Skin Care

I personally use the under eye cream every night to keep my eyes from looking like the tired mom eyes that they are! Check out my site to learn more!


If you’ve never heard of moringa oil then you are going to want to keep reading. Moringa oil is essentially a skin care miracle in a bottle. This doesn’t mean we are pushing away argan oil (or coconut or any other fabulous oil for that matter). It just means we are adding another superstar into our skin care stocks!


So what is Moringa oil? It is an essential oil derived from a tree found in Asia (especially India), Africa, and Central and South America. The use of the oil dates all the way back to ancient Egyptian times where they used it for cooking, medicine, and cosmetics!

Moringa oil is 40% monounsaturated fatty acids, with 70% of that being oleic acid, making it a powerhouse for your skin. It has antioxidant properties and a high content of vitamin E. It is similar to the oil your skin produces naturally. This helps…

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Why I Posh

Why am I reblogging about skincare from Perfectly Posh? Why am I writing about Posh so much? Being a part of the Perfectly Posh team, Team Poshtopia means I can stay home and concentrate on my school while taking care of my kids. It means that I’m available if my son is having a rough day at school and if either of my kids is sick. It means I don’t have to call out of work or leave early. Things are tough for kids these days. I enjoy being there for them. I enjoy the fact that my daughter can be a girly girl and not put harsh chemicals on her face at 8 years old. It means I can teach her young how to care for herself.  It means my son with environmental/seasonal allergies can also use the products. He can also learn to take care of himself and not be allergic to the ingredients. These are some of the reasons why I Posh but I also posh for me. I posh to give myself the opportunity to be part of a community (even if it’s virtual) and feel a sense of saneness in my crazy day! If you’ve read this far, maybe you could do me a favor? Just check out Perfectly Posh for yourself as well! Maybe you’ll fall in love, maybe, just maybe, you’ll want to join me on this journey!

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The Benefits of Egg in Skincare


Maybe you are new to skin care and you have heard the term “K-beauty” and have no idea what it means. Korean Beauty, or K-beauty, is the leading trend setter for all things skincare. They always have the most amazing products and tips. One such tip is using eggs in your skincare routine.

Why?  There are so many reason! Check out our top 10 list of why egg is good for your skin!


  1. Albumin (egg white) is loaded with vitamins and proteins which can tighten and tone skin.
  2. Egg is an emollient (softens the skin) and very moisturizing.
  3. It can visibly smooth and firm skin.
  4. Egg can help pores appear smaller, creating a flawless finish.
  5. Eggs contain vitamin B6 which helps skin look healthy.
  6. They bind to impurities, making it easier to remove them from your skin.
  7. They tighten the skin creating a more youthful glow.
  8. They gently exfoliate dull skin…

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Pampered Readings — Poshtopia

Last week I introduced the new Perfectly Posh 2019 Core catalog and I mentioned the focus of it is very different from past themes. We are diving deeper into skin types and which products best benefit specific skin scenarios. Basically, we are getting into very personalized pampering! We are calling this Pampered Readings. No worries, […]

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